Some Books That Feature Heists With High Stakes


An alone thief with a couple of misfits and a beautifully elaborate plan, a treasure which is worth anything beyond comparison in the world; could you ask for anything more? Trust me when I say that there are plenty more of teams that are available in this genre. Books with heists are certainly a blast to read. They are certain page-turners. They are filled with high stakes, missions, witty characters and rivals. They actually demand an elevated plot and also a great deal of investment on the reader. You should be invested into reading that book. When you are invested, you will actually get into the whole feel of how the book is and what it’s trying to convey. When they deliver, when they make us gasp for air and when they blow our minds, isn’t it worth it?

Let’s look at some books, shall we? I am going to be talking about some beautifully awesome, high-stakes heist books today. It does involve some characters siphoning the use of magic, returning paintings, a mission to save the world and more; let’s get started!

Some Books

These are some books that will certainly keep your heart racing.

• Six Of Crows, written by Leigh Bardugo, happens to be an amazing book. It features a bustling hub of international trade where literally anything can be bought for the right price. No one knows that better than a criminal prodigy. This criminal prodigy is offered a chance at a deadly dealing which would actually make him richer than his wildest imagination. He cannot exactly pull it off alone. A convict has a thirst for revenge, and he also happens to be a sharpshooter who cannot walk away from a great wager. It also features a runaway with a privileged past and a spy who is called “Wraith”. It also has a heartrender who uses her magic to survive in places like slums. It has a thief who has a gift for unlikely escapes. This book features six outcasts, and all of them are dangerous. They have to pull something off, something that has never been pulled off before. Start reading, to find out what happens.
• The next book is called “Heist Society”. This book features a person called Katarina Bishop, and when she was three, her parents took her on a trip to the Louvre. For her seventh birthday, she and her uncle Eddie travel to Australia where they stole crown jewels. When she turned 15 years old, she planned a con of her own, and she scammed her way into the best boarding school in the country. She was determined to leave her family behind. Fortunately, she found life extremely hard. Find out what happens when she gets involved with a mobster.

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